Little bit of my self

  My name is David but usually i use the PINUT nick in 
  Chattin' and gaming.
  I live in Ilulissat, Greenland.
  I'm fishing Hallebuts for now.
  But is educated in computing
  (programming, analysing, development and implementation
   of existing and new systems, general troubleshooting in 
   hardwares and softwares)
  This is my first online-made homepage.
  Ilulissat is a "big" town with 4500 people. Placed in the 
  NorthWestern Greenland.

My favorite Links (some of them in Danmark)

Stop Volden Denmark: Youth against violence
Greenlandic Internet news: Danish site with Greenlandic internet news
Tele Greenland A/S: Greenlandic Internet provider
FUNK's homepage: Greenlandic Homepage

You are visitor number on my page

David Karlsen
Ilulissat 3952

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